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Introduction to Organic Chemistry MCQ: 5 days ago

Who first discovered organic compounds

A: Wholar
B: Kekule
C: Faraday
D: Thomas
Answer: A
Sindh -> 12th Class -> Chemistry  ->  Introduction to Organic Chemistry majidmagsi

Chemical Bonding MCQ: 6 days ago

The bond order of N2 molecule is

A: 0
B: 1
C: 2
D: 3
Answer: D
Sindh -> 11th Class -> Chemistry  -> Chemical Bonding Aijaz

The Man of Life Upright MCQ: 3 weeks ago

_______ are wisdom of the man of life upright.

A: His deeds
B: Heavenly things
C: Books
D: Freind
Answer: B
Sindh -> 12th Class -> English -> The Man of Life Upright Hira Sanobia

General Science MCQ: 1 month ago

Instrument used to measure the humidity of air is..?

A: Calorimeter
B: Hygrometer
C: Hydrometer
D: Barometer
Answer: B
General Science armanbaloch

Number System MCQ: 1 month ago

Which Muslim scientist wrote first book on Algebra?

A: Al-khawarzmi
B: Ibn Sina
C: Archimedes
D: Euclid
Answer: A
Graduation Entry Tests -> ECAT ->  -> Number System zaffariqbal

MCQ: 1 month ago

Which country is called golden fiber?

A: Bangladesh
B: Pakistan
C: China
D: India
Answer: A
Punjab -> 11th Class ->  -> zaffariqbal

Global Affairs MCQ: 1 month ago

National game of Canada is

A: Wali ball
B: Cricket
C: Football
D: Ice Hockey
Answer: D
Central Superior Services (CSS) -> Compulsory Subjects -> Current Affairs -> Global Affairs hyderbhutto

Islam MCQ: 1 month ago

Which prophet name came more in Quran?

A: Hazrat Ibrahim (as).
B: Hazrat Adam (as).
C: Hazrat Musa (as).
D: Hazrat Yaqoob (as).
Answer: C
Central Superior Services (CSS) -> Compulsory Subjects -> Islamic Studies -> Islam hyderbhutto

Political Movements in India MCQ: 1 month ago

Lacknow Pact Was Made Between

A: English and Hindus
B: Muslims and English
C: Hindus and Muslim
D: None Of These
Answer: C
Central Superior Services (CSS) -> Group A -> Political Science ->  Political Movements in India muhammad-ahsanzafar

General Science MCQ: 2 months ago

Anti-sterility vitamin is

A: Vitamin B12
B: Vitamin D
C: Vitamin C
D: Vitamin E
Answer: D
General Science Muhammad Awais