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Recently Posted MCQs

Matrices and Determinants MCQ: 3 weeks ago

the co-factor of an element a23 is?

A: 7
B: -5
C: -1
D: 0
Answer: C
Federal -> 11th Class -> Math -> Matrices and Determinants cacofateha

Introduction to Biology MCQ: 3 weeks ago

When we study the feeding relations among different animal species of a forest, we are studying them at the level of organisation of the

A: individual
B: population
C: communit
D: biosphere
Answer: D
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa -> 9th Class -> Biology  -> Introduction to Biology sameerawan

Equilibrium MCQ: 4 weeks ago

If a body is moving with uniform velocity it is said to be in:

A: Neutral Equilibrium
B: Static Equilibrium
C: Dynamic Equilibrium
D: Unstable Equilibrium
Answer: C
Sindh -> 10th Class -> Physics -> Equilibrium Huzaifa Najam

MCQ: 1 month ago

Iraq occupied Kuwait in..?

A: July 1990
B: August 1990
C: June 1990
D: September 1990
Answer: B
 ->  ->  -> zeekhan

Reproduction MCQ: 2 months ago

What is the scientific name of the Pea

A: P. Sativum
B: P. Avium
C: P. Amricana
D: P. Persica
Answer: A
Federal -> 10th Class -> Biology -> Reproduction lesanullahkhan

Cells and Tissues MCQ: 2 months ago

skin is an organ comprises of

A: cells only
B: tissues ony
C: both cells and tissues
D: both cells and systems
Answer: A
Federal -> 9th Class -> Biology -> Cells and Tissues azhar

Environmental Chemistry MCQ: 3 months ago

poly tetra fluoro ethylene is an example of

A: nylon
B: teflon
C: polyester
D: varnish
Answer: B
Graduation Entry Tests -> ECAT -> Chemistry -> Environmental Chemistry RIDA SYED

Chemistry MCQ: 3 months ago

Greek philosopher introduced the concept of ______elements on Earth.

A: Three
B: Four
C: Five
D: Six
Answer: B
Chemistry maheenshaikh

General Science MCQ: 3 months ago

Mustard Gas Formula?

B: C³H⁶O²S
C: N²H⁴O²-H²O
D: C⁶H⁶O⁶-NH³
Answer: A
General Science WAQAS AHMAD

General Knowledge MCQ: 3 months ago

Mad monarch is known by whom?

A: Ghaysudin balban
B: Qutub din Aibk
C: Muhammad bin Tuglaq
D: Sher shah Suri
Answer: C
General Knowledge WAQAS AHMAD