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General Knowledge MCQs


The level of water in a measuring cylinder is 75 ​cm3​ ​. A stone of volume 20 ​cm3​ is lowered into the water?

A: 20 ​cm3​ ​ ​
B: 55 ​cm3​ ​ ​
C: ​ ​ 75 ​cm3​ ​ ​
D: 95 ​cm3​
Answer: B
General Knowledge syed-alirizvi

MCQs related to General Knowledge


Ariana is airline of ........... country.

A: iran
B: pakistan
C: dubai
D: afghanistan
Answer: D
General Knowledge syed jawad ali


One meter is equal to

A: 10000mm
B: 100mm
C: 1000mm
D: 100000mm
Answer: C
General Knowledge Maham


Lotus lake is located in

A: Islamabad
B: Faisalabad
C: Karachi
D: Peshawar
Answer: A
General Knowledge Tania


What is the main port of Italy?

A: Brindisi
B: Bari
C: Genoa
D: Messina
Answer: C
General Knowledge Muhammad Idrees


FED stands for __________?

A: Foreign Economic Detail
B: Federal Excise Duty
C: Foreign Exchange Deduction
D: Federal Economic Department
Answer: B
General Knowledge Hizbullah


Who compose the music of famous movie Mugal e Azam

A: RD Barman
B: Noshad
C: Master Ghulam Husain
D: Khayyam
Answer: B
General Knowledge Waqas Shahid


The length of the English channel is:

A: 550 km
B: 558 km
C: 564 km
D: None of these
Answer: C
General Knowledge Hizbullah


Which city in is called Golden city

A: London
B: Mumbai
C: Colombo
D: Johannesburg
Answer: D
General Knowledge Alina


Which city is also known as Emerald Island

A: Ireland
B: Scotland
C: Finland
D: Greenland
Answer: A
General Knowledge Tania


The office of the UN General Assembly is in____________?

A: Vienna
B: New York 
C: Paris
D: Zurich
Answer: B
General Knowledge Hizbullah