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General Knowledge MCQs


The Lucknow Pact was conceived by?

A: Lord Chemsford
B: john simon
C: edward cadogan
D: none of these
Answer: A
General Knowledge yasir abbas

MCQs related to General Knowledge


The capital of Albania is:

A: vilnius
B: tirana
C: vientiane
D: prague
Answer: B
General Knowledge syed jawad ali


The headquarter of Air Force of Pakistan if situated in ?

A: Islamabad
B: Rawalpindi
C: karachi
D: lahore
Answer: A
General Knowledge Ali Raza


World Tuberculosis Day is observed on

A: 21st March
B: 24th March
C: 26th March
D: 25th March
Answer: B
General Knowledge Alina


Sassi Paunuh was written by:

A: Hashim Shah
B: Waris Shah
C: Abdul Raheem
D: Ilama Iqbal
Answer: A
General Knowledge Muhammad Idrees


Which of the following is the first leader to lose Freedom of Paris award?

A: Aung San Suu Kyi
B: Evo Morales
C: Tabare Vazquez
D: Miguel Díaz-Canel
Answer: A
General Knowledge Parveen Sidhu


World largest landlocked country is

A: Afghanistan
B: Azerbaijan
C: Kazakhstan
D: Uzbekistan
Answer: C
General Knowledge Tania


Taiwan is the new name of:

A: china
B: south china
C: kampuchea
D: formosa
Answer: D
General Knowledge syed jawad ali


The 2016 Wimbledon Championships Singles (Men) title was won by

A: Roger Federer
B: Rafael Nadal
C: Novak Djokovic
D: Andy Murray
Answer: D
General Knowledge Ahmed


Water accord between provinces was signed in ............ year:

A: 1993
B: 1992
C: 1991
D: 1981
Answer: C
General Knowledge syed jawad ali


Where was Albert Einstein born

A: United Kingdom
B: United States Germany
C: Germany
D: Albania
Answer: C
General Knowledge Tania