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Chemistry MCQs


How many branches in chemistry?

A: 10
B: 6
C: 8
D: 2
Answer: C
Chemistry Sufi saeen

MCQs related to Chemistry


Tannic acid and gallic acid are used in the preparation of

A: Blue black ink
B: Printing ink
C: Marking ink
D: Red ink
Answer: A
Chemistry Muhammad Rizwan


Disorderly presence of elements in Mendeleev's table is the right position of elements which is proved after_____concept.

A: New land's
B: Dobereiner's
C: Moseley's
D: Neil Bohars's
Answer: C
Chemistry Majid Hussain Memon


Triad means _____ ?

A: Group of Six similar elements
B: Group of Five similar elements
C: Group of Four similar elements
D: Group of Three similar elements
Answer: D
Chemistry M.Huzaifa Khalid


_______ reacts with some elements to form binary compounds called Hydrides.

A: oxygen
B: Hydrogen
C: Halides
D: Oxides
Answer: B
Chemistry Nimra Sheikh


Einstein’s famous equation which states that mass and energy are interchangeable is

A: E = mc2
B: E = cm2
C: M = ec2
D: M = ec2
Answer: A
Chemistry Alina


The name of C6H14 is

A: Hexane
B: Decane
C: Propane
D: Heptanes
Answer: A
Chemistry sikandarhayat


The bond formed by mutual sharing of electron is

A: Ionic bond
B: Covelant bond
C: Co-ordinate covelant bond
D: N.O.T
Answer: B
Chemistry Tania


The number of peaks obtained in mass spectrometer shows

A: Relative abundance
B: Number of isotopes
C: Average mass of element
D: Relative isotopic mass
Answer: B
Chemistry Tania


Molecular ions are formed by passing

A: High energy electron beam
B: X-rays
C: Particle
D: All
Answer: D
Chemistry Tania


Greek philosopher introduced the concept of ______elements on Earth.

A: Three
B: Four
C: Five
D: Six
Answer: B
Chemistry maheenshaikh