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Indonesia and Malaysia are separated by

A: Inaccessible mountain
B: Malacca Strait
C: Gulf of Malaysia
D: None of these
Answer: B
General Knowledge Tania


Mangla Dam is located in:

B: Punjab
D: Gilgit
Answer: C
Pakistan Studies saad


According to John Locke, a child mind does not contain any

A: Innate ideas
B: Memory
C: Observation
D: Imagination
Answer: A


Which country is called the land of morning Calm

A: China
B: Pakistan
C: Nepal
D: Korea
Answer: D
General Knowledge Maham


Mendeleev's periodic table contains _____ horizontal rows called series ?

A: 12
B: 11
C: 10
D: 9
Answer: A
Chemistry M.Huzaifa Khalid


_____ refers to a four-year period beginning on the opening of the Olympic Games for the summer sports.

A: Oly
B: Olympiad
C: Olymp
D: None
Answer: B
Sports Hamyal


How many Surahs of the Holy Quran start with Al-Hamdulillah

A: Four
B: Five
C: Six
D: Seven
Answer: B
Islamic Studies Naveed Sultan


Molecular mass of water (18g) means

A: 1-mole molecules of water
B: 1-gram molecule of water
C: 3-gram atoms
D: All of the above
Answer: D
Chemistry Tania


What is the name of the milky fluid obtained from trees which is used to produce rubber?

A: Latex
B: Nylon
C: Natural rubber
D: Polyvinyl chloride
Answer: A
General Knowledge Muhammad Idrees


Which Country is called “Land of Fertile Fields”

A: Algeria
B: Luanda
C: Nigeria
D: Greenland
Answer: A
General Knowledge Alina