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Group A Economics Chapter Micro Economics MCQs:

The Central Superior Services (denoted as CSS; or Bureaucracy) is an elite permanent bureaucratic authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan.

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Spending on motoring as a % of household expenditure in the UK shows that motoring is ?

A: a potential public good
B: Environmentally damaging
C: an inferior good
D: a superior good
Answer: D


Evidence suggests that the price elasticity of demand for motoring is ?

A: Elastic
B: absolutely inelastic
C: Unitarily elastic
D: inelastic
Answer: C


Which city has the following transport policy ?

A: Athens
B: Car licenses are very expensive vehicle entry to the city center is very restricted road pricing is being introduced and modern cheap rail transport is being expanded.
C: London
D: Singapore E. New York
Answer: A


Supporters of antimonopoly enforcement argue that the real gain from such enforcement ?

A: Is that this policy serves to deter firms from engaging in such practices as collusion, price-fixing and deceptive advertising
B: is that if encourages firms to engage in research which leads to new products
C: is the revenue generated from the fines paid by those individuals who are found guilty of antitrust violation?
D: is that it forces firms to produce efficiently.
Answer: A


A horizontal merger is a merger of?

A: firms at various stages in a production process.
B: firms producing unrelated products
C: firms producing complementary products
D: firms producing the same product
Answer: D


A merger between a paper producer and a book publisher is an example of?

A: a complementary products merger.
B: a conglomerate merger.
C: a horizontal merger
D: a vertical merger
Answer: D


A merger in which firms at various stages in a production process combine is a ?

A: conglomerate merger.
B: production merger
C: vertical merger
D: horizontal merger
Answer: C


A firm charging different buyers’ different prices for the same product is practicing ?

A: price discounting.
B: Competitive pricing.
C: Price discrimination
D: price fixing.
Answer: C


Privatization is the transfer of ?

A: government businesses to the private sector
B: corporately owned businesses to individuals
C: publicly held stock to private individuals.
D: privately owned businesses to the government sector
Answer: A


De-regulation is where the government ?

A: removes barriers to entry and minimum product quality standards
B: removes barriers to entry
C: imposes higher standards of conduct
D: breaks up private sector monopolies.
Answer: A
M Ramzan


In the country X it is now becoming possible to buy electricity from a gas company and gas from an electricity company. This is called ?

A: natural monopoly.
B: deregulation
C: making markets contestable
D: cross-subsidization.
Answer: C


Economists use the term regulatory capture to mean a situation where the private sector firms being regulated ?

A: Bribe the regulator.
B: Persuade the regulator to operate in the industry’s interests
C: Persuade the regulator to act in the firms interests.
D: Persuade the government to change the regulatory regime.
Answer: B


Between 1990 and 1999 car ownership per thousand of the population fell in ?

B: Spain
C: Belgium
Answer: A


The external benefits of using cars are ____ and the external costs are _____?

A: low; high
B: low; low
C: high; high
D: high; low
Answer: A


Antimonopoly laws are based on the proposition that ?

A: public ownership is the best way to achieve efficiency
B: increasing market power is the best way to achieve efficiency.
C: competition is the best way to achieve efficiency.
D: regulation is the best way to achieve efficiency.
Answer: C


A conglomerate merger is a merger of ?

A: firm producing complementary products
B: firms producing the same product
C: firms at various stages in production process.
D: firms producing unrelated products.
Answer: D


Sales staff are keen to sell extended warranties because ?

A: they are paid commission on each extended warranty they sell.
B: extended warranties offer value for money.
C: the cost of repair will usually exceed the cost of the warranty
D: They are concerned about customer satisfaction.
Answer: A


In the UK, electricity industry parts are a ____ and other parts are ___ ?

A: cartel; a sellers’ market
B: nationalized; privatized
C: natural monopoly; potentially competitive
D: monopolistic competition duopoly
Answer: C
M tayyab


Antimonopoly legislation is undertaken to ____ competition and market regulation is undertaken to ____ competition ?

A: promote; promote
B: restrict; promote
C: restrict; restrict
D: promote; restrict
Answer: D


The theory of the second best suggests that in the absence of perfect competition a privatized industry should charge a price of ?

A: p = MC
B: p = Z
C: P = MC + Z
D: P = MC – Z
Answer: C