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11th Class English Chapter Progress MCQs:

Karachi board, Sukkur board, Hyderabad board, Larkana board, Mirpur Khas board.

Sindh -> 11th Class -> English -> Progress


Corrie is mad after?

A: wealth
B: politics
C: high post
D: none of these
Answer: A


Henry corrie loves?

A: war
B: women
C: his country
D: none of these
Answer: A


Henry corrie hated?

A: women
B: children
C: wars
D: weapons
Answer: A


What was corries invention ?

A: car
B: aeroplane
C: c4
D: formula of bomb
Answer: D


Tom was the husband of ?

A: charlotter
B: hannah
C: alexa
D: jennifer
Answer: A


In the play progress Mrs Meldon is represented as?

A: typical mother
B: lover of wars
C: lover of corrie
D: lover of weapon
Answer: A


Mrs Meldon is the representative of ?

A: humanism
B: destruction
C: violence
D: cruelity
Answer: A


Henry corrie is a symbol of ?

A: sacrifice
B: humantiy
C: comedy
D: destruction
Answer: D


The drama progress is ?

A: romantic play
B: comedy play
C: horror play
D: none of these
Answer: A