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12th Class Chemistry Chapter Chemistry of Hydrocarbons MCQs:

Karachi board, Sukkur board, Hyderabad board, Larkana board, Mirpur Khas board.

Sindh -> 12th Class -> Chemistry -> Chemistry of Hydrocarbons


methane is also known as commonly in pakistan?

A: Chloroform
B: Anisthesia
C: Sui / natural / marsh gas
D: Carbonated gas
Answer: C


How many percent of natural gas contains methane?

A: 90
B: 99.5
C: 94.06
D: 94
Answer: C


How many sigma and pi bonds do methane have?

A: 4 sigma
B: 4 pi
C: 2 sigma ,2 pi
D: 4 sigma ,4 pi
Answer: A


Structure of methane?

A: Trigonal
B: Tetrahederal
C: Trigonal
D: Tetrahederal
Answer: B


Chemical formula of methane?

B: CH2
C: CH3
D: CH4
Answer: D


The structure of Ethene is ?

A: Tetrahederal
B: Trigonal
C: 3d
D: 2d
Answer: B


The bond angle of ethene is ?

A: 129.5°
B: 130°
C: 125°
D: 120°
Answer: D


ethene has how many sigma and pie bonds?

A: 1 sigma ,1 pi
B: 3 sigma, 1 pi
C: 5 sigma ,2 pi
D: 5 sigma ,1 pi
Answer: D


The chemical formula of ethene is:

A: CH2
B: C2H6
C: C2H4
D: CH4
Answer: C


What type of hybridization is methane?

A: Sp
B: Sp2
C: Sp3
D: Sp4
Answer: C