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12th Class English Chapter Lines from Ulysses MCQs:

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Sindh -> 12th Class -> English -> Lines from Ulysses


Ulysses gave an idea to his sailors that it might be an opportunity for them to see:

A: endymion
B: moon goddess
C: achilles
D: samson agonistes
Answer: C


Ulysses convinced his sailors an idea that it may be the gulfs will wash up down or it may be we shall touch the:

A: Shining stars
B: High Mountains
C: Happy Isles
D: Wonderland
Answer: C


Ulysses admits by saying: we are not that which we had in old days:

A: Wealth
B: Wisdom
C: Strength
D: Experience
Answer: C


Moved earth and heaven; that whih we are, we are; one equal temper of:

A: Divine Love
B: Knowledge
C: Heroic Hearts
D: Experience and power
Answer: C


The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds. to sail beyond the sunset and the:

A: Bite
B: Baths
C: Stars
D: Mountains
Answer: B


This not too late to seek newer world. Push Off, and sitting well in order:

A: Bite
B: Kite
C: Smite
D: Termite
Answer: C


Ulysses addressed as the long day wanes the slow moon climbs; the deep moans round with many voices come

A: My children
B: My pets
C: My friends
D: My relatives
Answer: C


Ulysses described the last stage of life as the lights begin to twinkle from the

A: Windows
B: Forest
C: Rocks
D: Sky
Answer: C


Ulysses told that not unbecoming men that strove with

A: Idols
B: Spirit
C: Gods
D: Angels
Answer: C


Ulysses inspired his sailors and said some work of noble note, may yet be:

A: Reminded
B: Revised
C: Done
D: Visualized
Answer: C


Ulysses addressed his sailors and told that it closes all but something remains even at the end

A: Life
B: Fate
C: Death
D: Old Age
Answer: C


Ulysses told his sailors that old age hath yet his honour and:

A: Power
B: Fath
C: Toil
D: Mission
Answer: C


Free hearts free foreheads you and I are:

A: Young
B: Tired
C: Old
D: Soldiers
Answer: C


Ulysses was addressing his:

A: Sodiers
B: Childern
C: Mariners
D: Colleagues
Answer: C


which of the following poem has been written by alfred?

A: Endymion
B: Samson
C: Uysses
D: The solitary reaper
Answer: C


Tennyson was born at somersby in the year A.D:

A: 1801
B: 1804
C: 1809
D: 1810
Answer: C


Tennyson was died in the year A.D:

A: 1890
B: 1891
C: 1892
D: 1899
Answer: C


The poem "Lines from ulysses" is written by:

A: John
B: Thomas gray
C: Alfred Tennyson
D: Coventry patmore
Answer: C