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9th Class Physics Chapter Wise MCQs:

Faisalabad board, Bahawalpur board, Gujranwala board, Lahore board, Multan board, Rawalpindi board, Sahiwal board, Sargodha board, DG Khan board.

Punjab->9th Class->Physics MCQs

Punjab Question:

While taking a measurement, which of the following errors takes place due to wrong positioning of eye?

A: Systematic error
B: Vision error
C: Position error
D: Parallax error
Answer: D

Punjab Question:

Which of the following is the study of fourth state of matter?

A: Quantum physics
B: Nuclear physics
C: Nanophysics
D: Plasma physics
Answer: D

Punjab Question:

If you are not able to understand or do a part of experiment, what should you do?

A: Ask the teacher about it
B: Do it again and again, until you find its solution
C: Figure it out by trial and error method
D: Leave it and turn to next part
Answer: A

Punjab Question:

Which is the most common instrument used in laboratories to measure length?

A: Meter ruler
B: Both meter rule and half meter rule
C: Half meter ruler
D: Measuring tape
Answer: B