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9th Class Biology Chapter Wise MCQs:

Karachi board, Sukkur board, Hyderabad board, Larkana board, Mirpur Khas board.

Sindh->9th Class->Biology MCQs

Sindh Question:

When paramecium is moving away from chemical is what?

A: hyprotaxis
B: thermotaxis
C: chemotaxis
D: phototaxis
Answer: B

Sindh Question:

The study of insects is called

A: Immunology
B: Morphology
C: Pharmacology
D: Entomology
Answer: D

Sindh Question:

Cyanobacteria is also known as.

A: Blue-green algae
B: Yellow-green algae
C: Brown-algae
D: Red-algae
Answer: A

Sindh Question:

The "Power house" of cell is .... by Atif Ali Dayo

A: Cytoplasm
B: Mitochondria
C: Golgi Bodies
D: Non of these
Answer: B
Atif Ali

Sindh Question:

Biology is the study of

A: Life
B: Non living things
C: Space
D: Earth
Answer: A